When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

Hello Hello. ^.^

I hate...

Life isn't suppose to be like this. I thought living was about living life to the fullest and being happy, laughing and smiling. That's what movies make life look like. I guess that's a fantasy. Reality... shit tons of homework, confined to my room and no happiness, no smiling.

Depression. People think I can always put on a smile and laugh on spot. People say you aren't suppose to feel like this. But I'm human too. Nothing makes me happy anymore. Nothing can make me smile, if I do smile, it's fake. So people don't know, that I'm feeling this way. If this is reality, I don't want it anymore.

Every time someone asks me if I'm ok, its just a reminder that I'm not. I'm crying inside and no one knows it but me...
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Hallo! Wie gehts? Ich bin gut!!
 See yah America! 
Tomorrow starts my 3 week trip to Deutschland!! Going to see my family and eat freaking delicious food. I can't wait, this is the highlight of my summer. I might post pictures up but I am not bringing my laptop, just a camera, DSi, and an ipod. 

The thing that screws me up is the time change. I suck at time changes. Whenever I go to Germany,  I always sleep too much and miss out on things. Like two years ago, I slept in until noon and that's when my day would start. Noon. That's not happening this year. I'm waking up at a decent hour! I hope.

Let's see if my two years of crappy German classes are of any use there. I bet it's not. "Hallo. Wie gehts? Ich bin gut." is about all I got. 

Well it's 1 o'clock where I live and I didn't even start packing yet. So I really need to do that. See(More like read) you guys later!! Bai Bai!!

I'm so excited! i just can't hide it!
 *Evil Laugh** Father's days is around the corner... and you know you are suppose to get your dad a present.... my dad gave me and my sisters a present. A KITTY!! There is one kitty, my mom's co-worker found at work.And has been trying to find her a home. A baby kitten!! 6 weeks old!! She is so cute. She has blue eyes and she can fit into a pocket on a jacket. Windy is her name. But if she already has a home, we will go to the Humane Society. YAY kitty either way.

My dad is totally allergic to cats but he let us get her!! We are going to pick her up today!! This summer might actually be a good one. 

i'll post a picture of my new cat later!


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Technology is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My nana got an ipad!!! SO COOL 

I haven't updated in awhile. My grades got a little on the bad side. :/ so I made myself focus and I haven't really been on the computer. And I STUDIED!! Woo! And the quarter just ended yesterday, and Spring Break has started, and my mom made me go to Florida to visit my gramps. And it is so flipping beautiful here. Blue skies, little to no clouds and a nice temperature of 76 degrees. I'm loving it.

I have been reading Ellen Hopkins' books. They are so... good. But i don't think that really explains her writing. She writes her books in poem form and i love them. The characters' life in the books are so different from mine that is just quickly drags me in and I'm stuck until I finish the book completely.

Isn't snow supposed to be fun?!

It's a blizzard outside!! and this time the weather man said we are going to get 10-20 inches of snow?? :(
the first 30 inches were enough, and I'm thankful for the snow days.

My parents are also too lazy to shovel, so i have to shovel by myself. And it's not like I have a problem with that, it's just that I'm 5 foot. I'm seriously not that tall. The snow is already to my knees.

Hanasakeru Seishounen is one of my favorite animes. It's cute and interstring.

OH OH OH i got a new Ipod too! thank god. i needed to replace my old one. thank you job!

Time to go shovel. O.o

How can you live without music?
I'm so mad, well more sad than mad. My ancient ipod isn't playing my music.
School's tomorrow, I might go crazy.

Over?? already??
Time flies!! ... seriously.

AHH my life is passing me by SO FAST!! It only feels like a week ago when my sister got me into Hana Yori Dango. Then NEWS, Arashi, Big Bang... it's been *thinks*... how many years now?!?! Gosh I can't remember!! 2?? 3?? ah can't remember

Life is going by fast now. I guess that is what happens after entering to high school. *cries in a corner* Pretty soon, I'll graduate, I'll go to college, GET A JOB!?!? AHH WORK!?! have a love life. hahaha get married? okay now I'm getting carried away. But I want to travel the world?? Go to Korea, Japan, CHINA, Germany, Greece.... Life is too short, Do what you want!

okay now I'm rambling about my life... sorry!! back to the topic.

Where did 2009 go?? it's going to be 2010 in *checks clock* LESS THAN A HOUR! dang man, oh gosh. See, time does fly. I'm going to do more next year. Let's make a list, shall we??
-talk to my crush and be friends
-chew slower and chew more than 10 times
-be more ACTIVE!!
-learn korean and practice chinese more
and much much more. but i'll save that for later.

Have a good and save New Years. Don't party too much! xD

Happy New Years!! and I hope you had a good Christmas!!

too much snow!! i haven't seen so much snow in a long time. Around 4-5 years.
it has been snowing since last night around 9:30-ish.
And it has yet to stop! my best friend said it won't stop until tomorrow around 2pm!?!
we have, i think, around 18 inches now.

i think we are snowed in for awhile. =\

too... many.... cookies

AHHHH my kitchen is a mountain of COOKIES!! AHHH
My grandma, two aunts and mother bakes cookies all day today!!
now i have like 2000 cookies in my kitchen.
i started to eat some and now i have a tummyache yuck no fun.
time to go and bake some more because you know that what's you need....
more cookies when your tummy hurts. hahah XD


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